Monstrous Femme

In the time of dragons, evil wizards, daring knights and enchanted kingdoms, there lived a girl, a princess in fact, who was living her own fairy tale, though this was one you may not have been told by a Grimm set of brothers.

The princess’ name was Valentina, and she was every bit as beautiful as you could expect a fairytale princess to be, prettier than most. In her room, which loomed high above the land, crowning an ominous obelisk of seamless obsidian, she was treated to every amenity she could ask for, including fresh water from an enchanted, never-ending basin, which she could both drink from and use for bathing.

Valentina was petite, with skin so fair it was nearly porcelain, and hair so red it rivaled flame. She was of a beauty that would have put Helen of Troy to shame and made Guinevere look homely. Her beauty was of no avail to her, however, being as she was locked up in her room, at the top of her high tower prison.

Valentina’s tale was a tragic one. Her father, King Terrington, a good and fair king, had begun to grow bored with his wife, Valentina’s mother, Queen Penelope. King Terrington started to have an affair with Amela, the witch from the Dark Woods, a beautiful Ebony goddess who began sharing many blissfully uncouth experiences with the promiscuous, virile king.

Their sultry affair, which involved lots of publicly and officially abhorred sexual acts, lasted for over five years. Then, one day, right after Valentina was born, the king decided to try to make things work with his wife again and called the affair off.

Amela was furious. In her rage, she cursed King Terrington by cursing his daughter, his one and only child. The king, disgraced both by the disclosure of his infidelity and by Amela’s curse, banished his daughter to the highest tower in the most isolated castle he had under his dominion, hoping one day that the horrible curse could be broken.

There, Valentina waited, alone with naught but a vast library to keep her company, so in her own way, she was never really alone at all.

Years went by, and when Valentina turned sixteen, the first brave knight survived the enormous giants, who guarded the castle in accordance with an agreement proposed by King Terrington. Her father gave the gargantuan creatures one maiden from the village every second year, to do with as they pleased. In the surrounding villages, the rumor was that the giants liked to commit acts of a highly sexual and offensive nature on these poor young women, but being as Valentina had no one to talk to, she had never heard those rumors, though she had witnessed such acts in person, from the window of her tower.

That first knight, Sir Thatchery, had fought past the giants, climbed the tower, and fell instantly in love with Princess Valentina the moment he set eyes on her.

Princess Valentina reciprocated the emotion, which is why she felt compelled to tell him about her curse, even before their first kiss. Sir Thatchery did not believe her at first, until Valentina showed him the truth, whereupon he immediately left the tower, never to return again.

Nearly the exact same thing happened a year later, on her 17th birthday, with a young knight named Sir Martin, the warrior, who, after learning her secret, also disappeared, never to be seen in her tower again.

It wasn’t until the very day of Valentina’s 18th birthday, when everything finally changed. For the third year in a row, a strapping, yet modest young knight, this one named Sir Redford, snuck past the giants, ascended the tower, and finally set loving eyes upon the princess.

Valentina was at her vanity, reading a book while she brushed her hair. She was dressed in a beautiful, elegant gown, and she was absolutely beaming as the sunlight fell upon her at an almost purposefully illuminating angle.

“Hello there,” Valentina said as Sir Redford burst through the trap door leading into her chamber.

“Hello fair princess, I am Sir Redford, and I am here to rescue you,” the valiant knight announced mightily.

“Thank you, brave Sir Redford. I am honored and delighted that you have come to my aid,” Valentina told him, a repetition of the same first line she always used.

Sir Redford grew speechless. He had noticed her as he had barged into the room, but now, upon truly seeing the princess and hearing her voice, Sir Redford had instantly fallen head over heels in love with the young woman.

“How did you make it past the giants?” Valentina asked, semi-curiously.

“It was easy. Apparently, they had just been given some young woman from the village to appease them. I snuck by without detection as the maiden was struggling to hold up one of the giants’ huge penises, hugging the appendage tightly while she licked the massive pee-hole as if it were a woman’s vagina. As she performed with her tongue, another giant was sitting with his legs spread and his erection between the girl’s thighs. She was straddling him like she was riding a horse. The strangest part… they all seem to be enjoying it, even the girl. I had to look away, but from pleasure, not revulsion. I have yet to experience such matters.”

Valentina smiled. “I’m glad you’re not modest.”

“I am humble and shy in most matters, but I was raised in a kingdom very open and expressive about sexual congress, though only after love and marriage, of which I have known neither,” Sir Redford answered.

“That is very interesting,” Valentina replied, not knowing what else to say, but secretly hoping that Sir Redford could finally be the one to break the curse.

“Yes. It was really quite an interesting childhood,” the knight replied.

Valentina smiled as her face began to redden. She was beginning to feel a pleasing warmth swelling between her legs.

“How did you make it past the harpies at roost in the tower and all the crumbling, broken sections of the stairwell?”

“I’m in peak physical condition. I have prepared for this quest for quite some time prior to setting off my lady.”

Valentina stared at the shape of what she could see of his body, imagining what she couldn’t see, the parts hidden beneath his armor, and she knew he was telling the truth.

“What is your name, most beautiful goddesses?” Sir Redford asked.

“Valentina,” the comely princess answered, a little timidly.

“Oh, dear Princess Valentina, I, Sir Redford, am here to break your curse. Tell me what I must do,” Sir Redford proclaimed stoically.

Valentina gulped.

“Truly, it cannot be that bad,” Sir Redford remarked.

“Oh, but you, Sir Redford, are not the first valiant knight to try to free me from this tower prison. Two others have come before you, and both have fled after hearing the conditions of my curse.”

“I have more mettle than most. I will flee from no challenge. I love you, Princess Valentina.”

“Oh, but that is what the others before you told me as well, and I love you, as I had loved them, only for them to shatter my heart into more pieces than there are stars, which I fear will happen again today.”

“Tell me your curse,” Sir Redford demanded determinedly.

“To break my curse requires true love,” Valentina started, sitting on her bed and slowly raising her dress above her knees, then a little higher. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath. “Even with this…”

As Sir Redford watched, instantly aroused, he came to a moment of pause, where he didn’t know what to feel, as a penis slipped out from between Princess Valentina’s legs, from right where her vagina should have been.

The knight went silent, so did the princess.

Valentina knew he would leave, just like the others had.

Sir Redford stood frozen, staring incredulously at the large appendage, his expression starting at consternation, then gradually lightening.

“So, what does breaking his curse entail?” Sir Redford asked slowly, unsurely, finally breaking the silence.

“You make love to me, and I to you, and we must make use all of each other’s orifices…” Valentina said slowly, a bit nervously, no one had stayed this long before.

Sir Redford stared pensively at the exposed princess, at her anatomy. It was unclear how he was going to react.

“You can go if you want,” Valentina uttered reluctantly, sadly.

“It will turn back into a vagina when we are finished?” Sir Redford asked.

“Yes,” Valentina answered, starting to smile.

“And we only have to do it like this one time?”

“Just once.”

Sir Redford exhaled deeply as an expression of trepidation equally mixed with curiosity crossed his countenance.

“Let’s do it,” he announced nervously.

Princess Valentina grinned as she had never grinned before, growing ever more smitten with the knight with each step he took toward to her.

Sir Redford leaned in to kiss Valentina, and although he was still uncertain at first, the moment their lips touched, they both felt and knew it was love.

They kissed passionately, their bodies coming together naturally, pressing against each other as Sir Redford began to disrobe, quickly removing his armor so as to feel Valentina’s touch upon his skin, for her to be able to feel his taught biceps, his iron chest, his neck, his stomach, and everything else she wished to touch.

With the armor gone, Princess Valentina removed her brave knight’s undershirt, exposing his brawny body, before reaching down to unbutton her own dress as he began to remove his pants.

After they were both nude, they began kissing again. Sir Redford was instantly as hard as stone, and so was Valentina for that matter. Their engorged cocks unintentionally grazed against one other, making them both tremble.

Valentina slowly made her way with tender kisses down Sir Redford’s face and neck, continuing sensuously down his chest, kissing ever so tenderly with lips like rose petals, until she came to his nipples, where she bit and tugged the soft pink flesh playfully, brushing his penis with her hand as she did so. Sir Redford moaned in delight.

Valentina continued kissing her way down her valiant knight’s abdomen, circling around his belly button with her tongue, before slowly lowering herself a bit further, rubbing her face longingly against his tumescent cock, before lightly, playfully biting the tip.

The eager princess hungrily took Sir Redford’s throbbing appendage into her mouth, letting it flood her throat with his pulsing warm flesh. She moved her head back and forth gently at first, letting her saliva and his precum coat his shaft, which soon allowed for more graceful and vigorous head movements. Sir Redford started to tremble and moan. After a few moments, the enamored knight found his voice again through the pleasure, and looked down at Valentina, smiling. “Let’s do it together,” he told her gently, pulling himself from between her lips before moving over to the bed.

He lay down on his back, sprawling on the coverlet, motioning for Valentina to get up on top of him.

Valentina stood, questioning for a just moment, before understanding her knight and crawling onto the bed, positioning herself so his head was between her knees and his cock, hard as timber, pointed temptingly at her face. She dove for it and took it all in her mouth, not stopping until her lips touched the base of his shaft.

Sir Redford moaned, and then, with a deep breath, trepidatiously inhaled before taking Valentina’s erection into his mouth. It tasted mostly like skin, but it was Valentina’s skin, and Valentina’s body, he reached up and touched her, rubbing his hands down her ribs and onto her hips, he knew he loved her and everything about her, and it pleased him to make her happy.

Raised to be very open about sex, yet still a virgin in all regards, Sir Redford instantly knew that he would have loved Valentina’s swollen phallus for the rest of his days even if this wasn’t a one-time thing.

They gorged on each other ‘s cocks relentlessly, hungrily, but also lovingly, they made it about giving one another pleasure and sharing the mutual bliss. It was unclear who began to pulse and tremble first, but once one did, the other did almost simultaneously. They both somehow managed not to choke as they quivered from their climaxing, while hot streams of cum shot down their throats.

The taste was neither good nor bad, but they both felt that since it came from their lover, it was a divine nectar.

After they had both finished, Valentina turned around and lay in her knight’s arms. Sir Redford held her tightly, stroking her lush, fiery hair gently.

Redford kissed Valentina on the forehead. “I never really believed in love at first sight until today.”

Valentina traced her fingers lightly across her lover’s chest. “I am glad the others before you left. Love has played tricks on me, teased me with false idols, and mocked me continually. I would endure 1000 times that for you though, Sir Redford. Love has finally shown me its true face in your beautiful features.”

“I see the same in your face,” Sir Redford lovingly as he bent forward and kissed her. “You are what I want in the world.”

It wasn’t long before they were ready to go for round two.

“It’s time for the real stuff,” Valentina said with an encouraging smile.

“To be making love to you is a gift, no matter the way,” Sir Richard replied, making the princess’ grin widen even further.

“How about you take me first. That way we can ease into things,” Valentina told him lustfully, but also welcomingly and warmly.

“As you wish,” Sir Redford responded with respectful lasciviousness.

Valentina crawled to the middle of the bed and positioned herself on her hands and knees, her sex and ass exposed invitingly for her knight.

Sir Redford began tenderly kissing Valentina’s soft, smooth butt cheeks, running his fingers up and down along the backs of her thighs as he did so. This sent shivers of pleasure running up the young princess’ back.

Valentina bit her lip in anticipation as Sir Redford spread her cheeks apart and commenced kissing from the top of where her cheeks parted, all the way down to her small pink butthole. Sir Redford massaged her dainty orifice greedily with his tongue, intentionally covering the flesh of and near her anus with extra saliva. Valentina moaned in delight.

Sir Redford removed his tongue for a moment, then stuck one finger into his mouth, slathering it up nicely, before inserting it into Valentina’s anus. There was some resistance, but the princess did not appear to be in any pain.

Valentina continued to moan lustfully, looking back to watch as Sir Redford licked and fingered her asshole. It was arousing her immensely.

“Come here,” Valentina said salaciously. “Let me get some more saliva on you before you go in.”

Sir Redford moved to where Princess Valentina had requested. The princess took the knight’s already swollen cock into her mouth and coated the eager appendage with as much saliva as she could muster, which was actually quite a bit.

Valentina slid her mouth off the knight’s excited flesh. “Be in me,” she whispered.

Sir Redford crawled back around to his previous position and began to rub the head of his cock against Valentina’s tight butthole.

Valentina purred in anticipation.

Sir Redford pushed the head of his penis against her butthole, which resisted a little at first, but finally allowed him access inside, bit by bit, until the head was all the way in.

“How are you doing? Am I hurting you?” Sir Redford asked caringly.

“Keep going,” Valentina responded, but it was apparent that she was and had been holding her breath.

Sir Redford put his hands on Valentina’s hips lovingly yet firmly as he slowly and delicately pressed his way into her.

Valentina exhaled, slowly starting to relax.

Sir Redford pushed himself the rest of the way inside her, and although it felt like her butthole was trying to push him out, he pushed onward a little further, before pulling out a little, then repeating this process a little more vigorously each time.

Before long, Sir Redford was smoothly, rhythmically varying from deeper to shallower thrusts into Valentina’s butthole, causing the princess to moan in pleasure.

Valentina raised herself up, thrusting herself back against Sir Redford’s chest, so they were both vertical, as he continued to drive into her. She turned to meet his face, and they began to kiss passionately, as one of Sir Redford’s hands rose up to rub and massage Valentina’s perky breast and erect nipple. With his other hand, Sir Redford reached around Valentina’s waist and began to fondle her balls.

Valentina thrust herself back and forth against Sir Redford with increasing enthusiasm. She grabbed the back of his head with her right hand, kissing him even more passionately, and with her left hand, she reached back and grabbed his butt cheek, squeezing lustfully.

Sir Redford knew he couldn’t last much longer. He took hold of Valentina’s cock and began stroking intensely, both to please her and to keep himself grounded. It didn’t work though.

Valentina maneuvered her asshole so passionately, so pleasingly, that Sir Redford had to unload a surprisingly good deal of warm, gooey sperm straight up her asshole.

Sir Redford’s legs began to quiver as he came, so badly that he had to hold on to Valentina for support.

“Thank you,” Valentina said, feeling the pulsing of his cock slow as he finished emptying his fluids inside of her.

Sir Redford took a moment to catch his breath before he could form words. “No fair lady, the pleasure is most certainly all mine.”

“Did you cum?” Sir Redford asked.

“I climaxed,” Valentina told him. “I am saving my juices for you.”

The young knight smiled. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Sir Redford turned around and positioned himself on his hands and knees.

Valentina’s smile widened. Not only was the curse closer than ever to being broken, but she was going to be able to share virginities with someone who she truly loved.

Valentina spit on Sir Redford’s asshole and rubbed it with her fingers, wetting the hole and massaging it at the same time. She spit again, this time on her own fingers, and when she began to delicately rub his sphincter again, she slipped her index finger inside him, sliding it back and forth in rhythmic motions before pulling it out and slipping her middle finger into him instead. The princess twisted her finger around a bit, adequately stretching her knight’s societally taboo orifice, before finally penetrating him with both fingers at the same time.

Sir Redford moaned in euphoria.

“Come here,” he said after a minute or so. “I’ll help you get ready.”

Valentina moved around Sir Redford’s firm, muscular body, and inserted her penis into his eagerly awaiting mouth. Sir Redford suckled at the princess’ almost painfully stiff cock for a little while, slathering it up nicely, attempting to return the same favor she granted him earlier.

When Valentina was well lubricated with his saliva, she returned to Sir Redford’s backside.

“Give me your hand,” Valentina said, reaching her own hand forward to meet Sir Redford’s grasp as they interlocked their fingers tightly, trustingly.

Valentina entered Sir Redford with the delicacy of a virgin with the girl next door.

There was resistance at first, and Sir Redford did squeeze Valentina’s hand just a little tighter, but as soon as the carnally charged princess worked up a rhythm, slowly increasing her depth with each thrust, Sir Redford gradually loosened up. From there on out, things went smoother than either of them would have ever expected.

Valentina moved in a passionate dance of her fully inserting her shaft all the way into Sir Redford’s asshole, until she could see no more of herself, then drawing her appendage out slowly, all the way to the beginning of the head, drawing out every moment of pleasure, before changing her rhythm to much quicker, more intense thrusts.

Valentina could feel their bodies becoming in-tuned with each other, she could feel their souls connecting on new plateaus of pleasure and bliss. The tantrically euphoric princess continued for minutes, or seconds, or all eternity, until the moment felt right, and she came inside Sir Redford, who instantly came yet again when she did, shooting his load onto the blankets as she released herself into his warm insides.

Before all the semen even finished flowing from Sir Redford’s pulsing cock, however, there was an odd feeling in his asshole. The orifice snapped close as Valentina’s penis instantly and completely disappeared. When Sir Redford looked back, he saw before him a lovely girl with completely female anatomy. It was the same girl he had fallen in love with either way, no matter what she had down below.

Valentina and Sir Redford later made love the more conventional way, basically as soon as both of their bodies were physically able, and although they made love plenty of times in those early years of their relationship, they never once regretted or forgot that first time, and often recalled it fondly, both when they were together, and when they were all alone.